About us

The Vision.

The Dream of Atealio Co is simple- to create perfection.
Jewellery designed to fit every style, outfit and aesthetic.

Our Purpose.
The Brand was sparked by the fear of imperfection, "Atelophobia", something we aim to prevent through our fine attention to detail. We do this in order to help raise peoples self-confidence ensuring you aspire to feel and do good throughout your day to achieve your goals.


The Logo.
The crown symbolises our products to be prestigious, elegant and timeless bringing out the royalty and the power within.


The Priority.
The Priority is to ensure all our products are of the highest quality ranging from our 18k gold, sterling silver to our waterproof stainless steel. This ensures your collection stays shining forever. 


Our Aim.

The Aim is to ensure we stay Eco-friendly, to protect the environment and keep our planet healthy!. This is done by using recycled materials in our packaging.

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